Educational Products & Games

Games are an integral and important part of our lives from birth to pension and beyond. In an ever growing digital world that produce infinite mind-numbing games, Kayma has set a core value of creating experiences that fuse cognitive thinking, motoric challenges and team cooperation all wrapped in our unique design and behavioral economy elements.

Fair Game

What do social gaps feel like?
FAIR GAME is a social project in collaboration with Duke, Harvard and Stanford university. It was designed in order to liven the dry statistical data regarding inequality in America, using visual and emotional aids.


Video lessons in class with the best researchers in Israel
A digital platform developed for the Davidson Institute, in order to create a direct link between teachers in schools to researchers from the academy. Using the system, hundreds of scientists' lecture in classes all over the country today through live video broadcasts.

Master Shook

A social game for teaching financial orientation How do you teach
"Master shuk", which was developed in collaboration with Bank Ha'Poalim Campus, is a social-competitive game intended to exercise "hands-on" ways of dealing with money-related decisions. Will be released during 2020.


In the past two years, Kayma has taken part in a series of projects related to enhancing the public's interest in outer space exploration
One of them is the project "Laugh" which we have designed and developed, together with the Israeli artist, Eyal Gever and in collaboration with NASA. The project enabled thousands world-wide to create objects using their voice, and compete in printing them with a 3-D printer in space.

The Brain

Science turns into a nationwide game
"The Brain" is a scientific riddle puzzle intended to stimulate curiosity and interest in science among the younger generation. It was developed for the Davidson Institute, and was downloaded so far by over a million Israelis.


Overcoming fear of numbers
"Epsilon" is an independent product of Kayma. Its objective is to teach what is happening in the world through a competitive game surrounding facts and numbers. So far, over 17 million games were played in Epsilon.