We build digital tools to change behavior and reality, out of a deep understanding of human nature.

What Do We Do in Kayma?

Kayma specializes in solving problems by shaping behavior. The company is headed by Professor Dan Ariely, researcher of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, alongside teams of research, technology, UI design and user experience.We use insights from the field of Behavioral Economics, technological tools and original methodologies of experiment, to create a change in complex sectors such as education, healthcare, finance and infrastructure, and assist public and business organizations in creating proven, measurable and scalable solutions, for improving the quality of life for humans.

The Process:

Behavior Design

Integrating technology with the tools of behavioral economics enables us to create effective and measurable solutions and to implement them on a large scale.

Technology and Design

Our multidisciplinary team creates the tools and interfaces for our studies, based on research and development, data analysis, and user-interface expertise.

Research and Experimentation

Every challenge we address is analyzed and tested with various research methods. We explore and identify behavioural alternatives and conduct a large-scale field experiment.

National Projects

Kayma spearheads the National Behavioral Economics Initiative of the Ministry of Finance. As part of this initiative, the company plans and executes a series of large-scale research and experimental projects, revolving around challenges faced by the government, which aims to improve the life of citizens. The experiments are carried out among hundreds of thousands of Israelis, and their results supply policy makers with tools for decision making and an infrastructure for building Israel's future strategy based on these issues.
National Projects

The Citizen’s Personal Zone

Kayma is leading the interface and behavioral design of the “personal zone” platform, unified across all government ministries, as part of a national project by the Government Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICT) and the Ministry of Finance’s Budgets Division. This online platform will concentrate government services specific to the user’s individual needs and provide greater ease of access to them, thereby encouraging individuals to act more responsibly, economically, and efficiently.
Concept for Gov.il Personal Zone


milgo is a digital personal helper for teachers focused on improving the social emotional experience of their students. It guides them through few simple steps in weekly measurement & improvement cycles.

Our improvement cycles are based on the Social Determination Theory, which shows how intrinsic motivation for learning among students is dependent on fulfilling foundational psychological needs in the school environment.
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Educational Products & Games

Games are an integral and important part of our lives from birth to pension and beyond. In an ever growing digital world that produce infinite mind-numbing games, Kayma has set a core value of creating experiences that fuse cognitive thinking, motoric challenges and team cooperation all wrapped in our unique design and behavioral economy elements
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Kayma conducts a series of behavioral experiments. You are welcome to take part in our community of experiments.
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From retirement savings to improving education: how behavioral economics is changing the world
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